Greater Monterey Park Camber of Commerce is pleased to provide various opportunities not only for business owners but also the community individuals and youth leaders.

Youth Leader Internship & Volunteer Program

The Greater Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce recruits college interns every spring, summer and fall. You must receive college credit in order to apply.  We also provide summer internship opportunities for high school students who are passionate to learn from field practice. To whom has limited time for participate, we also offer volunteer program for these needs more flexible schedules.

Interning/Volunteering at the Greater Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce will provide you with real-world workplace experiences and exposure to career opportunities, a taste of the working world, and an understanding of how what you learn in school is connected to future economic success once you’ve entered the workforce.

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Job Posting

The Greater Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce dedicates to create a healthy hiring & applying ecosystem for the local community. Chamber website acts as the bridge to connect both local business owners and job seekers as our own ways to support local business.

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