The Greater Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce partnered with Chinatown Service Center to host their first Women Entrepreneurs Panel on Friday, Nov 8th. There were over 25 people in attendance who were eager to ask insightful questions.

Elaine Pang, a business counselor from Chinatown Service Center, was happy about the great turnout for a panel that was in the works for months. When asked about the reason why she wanted to partner with the Chamber of Commerce she said:

“The Chamber of Commerce has a great network of successful business owners. It provides great resources to start-up and seasoned business owners.”

Elaine Pang, Chinatown Service Center

Similar to her duties as a business counselor, Pang wanted to help people directly learn how entrepreneurs secured capital, built their team, and managed their businesses.

Both sides worked together to find female business owners from various industries and backgrounds to feature as guest speakers for the panel. Among those speakers were: Bonnie Jiang (TeaAmi), Lisa Fang (Cabinet City), Ashley Han (Active Wisdoms Corporation), Shazia Hoq (Sarah & Brother Inc.), and Miye Kim (Virgil Pharmacy).

The five speakers shared their personal experiences during the 45 minute panel discussion moderated by Pang. The road to becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t easy with each speaker describing their initial and current struggles. The personal characteristics that helped them overcome those struggles were their patience and motivation to succeed in doing what they are passionate about.

Following the panel was an open Q&A in which attendees were able to ask for any questions or advice from the panelists.

Carla Boggs, a District Representative from the 22nd District, followed up with a brief presentation. Boggs explained how her office advocates for small businesses and listed the several goverment resources available to aspiring business owners. She then presented each speaker and representatives from Chinatown Service Center and the Chamber of Commerce with a certificate of recognition.

Dora Leung, the President of the Greater Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce, ended the panel with her closing remarks. She spoke about the importance of the local business community and her future aspirations to cement the Chamber of Commerce as the center that connects every business together.

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