Ecuadorian VIPs and dignitaries get ready to celebrate.

Representatives and community leaders from nations representing South and Central America as well as Mexico were on hand to help the South American country of Ecuador celebrate its independence at the historic Jardin El Encanto in Monterey Park recently.

The Chamber established its relationship with the Ecuadorian community when it suffered a devastating earthquake earlier this year. Shortly thereafter, Past president and current MP City City Clerk Vincent Chang – who was born in Ecuador, set up El Encanto as a donation center to help victims of the earthquake.

Ecuador, a small country which straddles the equator on the west coast of the South American continent,   celebrates August 10th as its National Day. Also known as “El Primer Grito de Indepencia”, the fledgling nation first declared its independence from Spain in the city of Quito (now the capital) on August 10, 1809. Although the government that was formed lasted only about two months, it laid the foundation for an independence movement for Ecuador and the rest of Spanish colonial-ruled South American continent. The Ecuadorian War of Independence was fought between 1820 and 1822. The coastal city of Guayaquil was the first Ecuadorian city to gain full independence on October 9, 1820. That day is known as Independence Day. The nation of Ecuador gained full and complete independence from Spain on May 24, 1822. Fought on the foothills of a volcano, that day is known as the Battle of Pichincha.

Today, Ecuador is a popular South American travel destination with many scenic and historical sites including the Andean mountains, Amazonian rainforest as well the world-renown Galapagos Islands, made famous by Charles Darwin. The capital city of Quito is a UNESCO heritage site with beautiful colonial buildings.  Indigenous culture and markets abound for those seeking an out-this-world shopping experience.

Business opportunities also abound with the county being rich in a number of natural resources including some of the world’s best chocolate. Interested in establishing a business relationship? Contact GMPCC.

The event was co-hosted by the Greater Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce and the Comision Permanente de Fiestas Patrias Ecuatorianas.

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